10 Dirty Fruits and Veggies!

So earlier than you hit the grocery retailer, see how a few of your favourite fruits and veggies measured up.

Did one of your favorites make the checklist? Don’t fret, the EWG recommends buying organic or domestically grown varieties, which may decrease pesticide consumption by 80% versus conventionally grown produce.

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This stalky vegetable tops the dirty checklist. Research confirmed {that a} single celery stalk had 13 pesticides, whereas, on the whole, celery contained as many as 67 pesticides.

Chemical substances fester on this vegetable because it has no protecting skin and its stems cup inward, making it tough to clean the whole surface of the stalk. It is not simple to seek out locally grown celery, so when you like this crunchy veggie, go organic.

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Peaches are laced with 67 totally different chemicals, placing it second on the checklist of most contaminated fruit and veggies. They’ve soft fuzzy skin, a fragile structure, and excessive susceptibility to most pests, inflicting them to spray more frequently.


This red, juicy fruit has a smooth, seedy skin, permitting simpler absorption of pesticides. Analysis confirmed that strawberries contained 53 pesticides. Try to purchase strawberries at a local farmer’s marketplace for a sweet dessert.

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Apples are high-maintenance fruit, needing many pesticides to stave off mildew, pests, and illnesses. The EWG discovered 47 totally different kinds of pesticides on apples, and whereas produce washes may help remove a few of the residues, they are not 100% efficient.

Blueberries (domestic)

These antioxidant-rich berries have a thin layer of skin that enables chemical substances to more simply contaminate the fruit. Domestic blueberries had been loaded with 13 pesticides on a single pattern, based on the EWG. Imported blueberries additionally made the checklist at No. 14 for the dirtiest produce.

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Sweet bell pepper

This crunchy, but thin-skinned vegetable is very prone to pesticides. Based on the EWG, sweet bell peppers confirmed traces of 63 varieties of pesticides. Whereas some pesticides might be washed away, many nonetheless remain.

Spinach, kale, collard greens

These leafy green vegetables are on the checklist, with spinach loaded with 45 totally different sorts of pesticides and kale 57.

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In 2006, Dole recalled bagged child spinach after a number of E. coli sicknesses related to the vegetable made their method throughout the nation.

Grapes (imported)

These tiny fruits have extraordinarily thin skins, permitting for simple absorption of pesticides. And assume twice before shopping for imported wine. The grapes that go into the wine might be coming from vineyards that use too many pesticides.

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Have you ever indulged in a potato skin at your favourite restaurant? You may wish to think twice earlier than consuming the skin. This spud was extremely laced with pesticides-36, based on the EWG-that are needed to stop pests and illnesses.


Cherries, like blueberries, strawberries, and peaches, have a thin coating of skin-often not sufficient to protect the fruit from dangerous pesticides.

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Analysis confirmed cherries grown in the U.S. had 3 times the number of pesticides as imported cherries. As a result of cherries comprise ellagic acid, an antioxidant that neutralizes carcinogens, it is worthwhile to purchase natural or seek imported ones.

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