2 Essential oils for diabetes

2 Essential oils for diabetes. First of all I’m nothing to share in the research regarding type 1. Unfortunately it’s an autoimmune condition that really dives deep. Why insulin isn’t being produced the way that it should be. And why it isn’t being received by the body.

We don’t have anything to share holistically through essential oils how to approach that ? However we have a good amount of research regarding cumin, fenugreek cinnamon and oregano. And how those oils
can naturally balance blood sugar. Even lavender again fenugreek, cinnamon, cumin,

We find that type 2 is really a lifestyle disease. It’s a disease that is caused by weight gain, high inflammatory diet, lack of exercise and just bad food. And if people can stop that reverse that, basically eat good healthy food, low inflammatory diet. If they could enjoy exercise not make it a chore and lose weight.

Most people just shut off type 2 like it’s nothing. It’s really really a preventable disease. I would encourage everyone to combat that. If you want to use essential oils there’s two really good ways. I suggest 3 oils that you can use them all aromatically, topical or internal. But two ways specifically that I have found. And dr. Brian mole who is a diabetes coach he and I worked together and we wrote a book on this. So we really do into it because he’s working with patients day and day out.


Again he is the diabetes coach and he found that internalizing a couple drops of cinnamon oil. You can make a blend you
could get an old. You could get a bottle like this with equal parts. Again you want to dilute it properly you want have your proper delusions. But in the oils you can put you know 10 drops of fenugreek, 10 drops of cinnamon, 10 drops of oregano, 10 drops of cumin and then you could fill it up with carrier oil.


Again depending on the size of your bottle and now you have a blend. You have your blood balancing, you know your sugar bat balancing blood. You could put a couple drops of the blend in a capsule and you can ingest that once or twice a day. I would say try that for two weeks to three weeks. Next time we get your blood sugar tested see what happens. If your body responds well that’s a good sign. That you know what I would actually step back a little bit and only have maybe.

Let’s say one dose or using that maybe I say three times a week instead of every day. Because you want to get your body in a position where it doesn’t need this. This is to help us get to the point where our body heals itself. So that’s one way.

The other way is topical. Always dilute especially cumin, oregano and cinnamon. They’re very hot volatile oils that could cause burning. If you don’t dilute so you can actually apply them dilute it over the abdomen. Where the pancreas is that’s another way. Because these oils do penetrate into cellular level into your bloodstream so keep that in mind.

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