Best self tanner for fair skin

Best self tanner for fair skin. Hi welcome to my blog I’m it’s just now really beginning to feel like summer. Where I am and I become increasingly aware of how pale my legs look in shorts. Some people can rock this but I just feel a little bit too ghostly at the moment. And I don’t tan I burn sometimes it turns to a slight tan.

But it’s like barely noticeable so I thought why not try out a self-tanner. And this guy keeps popping up in my ads it is the Jergens natural glow instant Sun sunless tanning mousse. It claims to dry in 60 seconds which is great and this is an interesting tanner which I really like. I’ve tried the gradual lotions that you put on and have to wait a couple of days for it to gradually build up.

But my issue with them is that if there is any streaking or patches. You don’t know until days later when it is far too late. And in my experience those tended to have a little bit too much of an orange tint on my skin. So this option seemed like a nice alternative since it is instant. If there are any issues I can just remove it scrub it away that night. And a common mistake I always encountered when using the gradual oceans is that I didn’t use a tanning mist.Best self tanner for fair skin.

So if you are trying an instant tanner I highly recommend investing in a good tanning mitt. So that you don’t have those awkward tan hands that are just a dead giveaway. I originally wanted to get the uLTA Beauty brand one but I went to the store today and I could not find it anywhere in sight. So I ended up getting the Saint Tropez tan applicator mint. Now this brand has a whole line of tanning products that I’ve heard amazing things about they are on the pricier end. But I hear great things.


Now this says it will provide a flawless natural looking color instantly. My shade is light bronze they also have a deep bronze shade but I’m pretty light. So I didn’t want to go too far. I want it to be believable I’m not trying to look like JLo in here. So I did already wash my exfoliate my body to make sure that this is going on a clean surface. I do have some mosquito bites on my legs so I’m going to try to avoid those. So I’m going to pan out and try and give you like a full body angle to see the application on my legs. So let’s jump right ahead.Best self tanner for fair skin.


Alright hello so I’ve got my mitt and the instructions say to pump some of the mousse onto the mitt. And then smooth over your skin. So I’m going to first try this on my legs. Also I decided that I wanted to get a better view by backing up. So please don’t mind the backdrop showing on both ends just ignore that.


So what I really like about this so far is that it does leave a very slight color on your legs right away. So that you know where you’re putting it like I said with the gradual Tanner not knowing exactly where you put it. Because that’s white and it dissolves into your skin is just horrible. So I really like this because I can see that there are some spots that are still my skin color and it looks good.



Okay so it does dry pretty quickly I didn’t time it see if it was the 60 seconds. But I started on my cabs and that area is already dry. I do see a difference in my skin since this is the light bronze. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot of difference but I do see a nice light tan on my legs. They don’t look so Casper white it also gave them just like a nice summery glow which I like. Also the bottle says that you can build this up if you put it on tonight. And then tomorrow you notice it’s not as dark as you want. You can apply it again the next night and it’ll be darker. And I did read online that for some people this does get darker over the next day.Best self tanner for fair skin.


So even though it does provide that instant tan. It does gradually get a little bit tanner. I’m really liking this mitt by the way it’s very soft. It seems to be pretty good quality and there’s only 650 which I guess. I think that’s pretty standard for a tanning mint.

Okay we’re gonna go pan back up so that I can do my arms seems like are taking on the color a little bit more than my legs. For some reason the facts of my arms are really white. so I want to make sure those get tan. So there’s not a huge discrepancy.


I’m also doing my hands on the tops just a little bit. Because when I applied it just my arms you could tell that there was a big difference. I don’t know if you can tell on camera but I notice a huge difference from what it was and my favorite thing about. It is the glow like it looks sunkissed and I will love that. Because I’m used to just wait I want to make sure there aren’t any spots on the elbows. So I’m taking a clean and part of the mitt and just blending that a little bit more. So there’s no telltale signs if you look at the difference between my arm and my side like there’s a good difference.Best self tanner for fair skin.

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