Can diabetics eat pizza

Can diabetics eat pizza.I am a diabetes patients and I’m actually eating pizza. Can you believe this, but this ain’t regular pizza. I could drink tea and actually try that. So I try tea and that person is 100% correct. It does not Increase my blood sugar whatsoever when I drink tea so that’s really good.

When I go backpacking instead of hot chocolate or coffee. I can at least have a hot beverage to warm me up so that’s really cool. And thank you so much for mentioning that I really feel like my life is starting to get back to normal. Here now at the same time that person mentioned it sounded like I was on some type of keto diet by eating the three meats.

I started researching that because I didn’t know what that was. And I found this recipe on how to make this pizza and a few other recipes that look pretty good. But understand I really paid attention to the ingredients. Some of the recipes contain no carbs I was looking at them. And I was like know that’s not true. I know certain ingredients will kick off my blood sugar.

So you really go to pay attention to your ingredients and if something does it match change it. Well most pizza when you eat it the crust is whittle increase your blood sugar. This crust if you look closely here I’m letting me share if you can see that but that’s egg. That’s literally a scrambled egg on the base. Which is used for the crust so there’s no bread in this.

Then of course you got your pepperoni which is a protein. You got some vegetables like olive some cheese. You can get quite creative with this and I’m gonna tell you right now it tastes just like pizza.


I really don’t taste the egg because maybe it’s cooked in the oven. I don’t know now what’s really nice about this. Also it’s soft it’s easy to eat it’s not super hard like bread. So it’s quite easy to eat.


So this was a nice discovery I’ll have the recipe to this in the bottom. I also tried dark chocolate somebody, told me I read it somewhere a diabetic can eat dark chocolate.

I’d say yes and I’d say no I’m fighting dark chocolate will help my diabetes a little bit like. When I get low light down to a hundred which I’ve been a couple times. Now I can control that by eating one piece of dark chocolate and every time I eat one piece.


I go up five so I’ve got that figured out how much I rise. So if I want to go up big-time just eat five or six. Now I’m gonna raise my blood sugar. So well my blood sugar gets to a dangerous level. I can eat some of this dark chocolate and I’ll know exactly how much I need to eat the raisin.


But if I’m sitting around 180 I don’t want to eat, you know. So I guess I don’t know a month and a half two months. Now no needles whatsoever I’m still taking metformin. But my blood sugar seems to hover around anywhere between 110 and 180.

When you hanging You get to the 180. And When I don’t get to take might form and like say I slept in and I was three hours late taking it. But When I take my blood sugar I’ll be 180 so if I take it on time.

And I take it like one hour before the twelve hours. On time I can get my blood sugar down to a hundred pretty easy. So that’s pretty impressive, this is really cool and really exciting that I’m controlling this.


Can diabetics eat pizza ?

The answer is yes but in one condition, this pizza must be made by proper ingredients.

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