Can you meditate lying down ?

Can you meditate lying down. Hello everyone and welcome to Should you not lie down for meditations ? What are the pros and cons of lying down for meditation. So I will share about my own experience and recommend when I do lie down. And when I prefer to not lie down.

So let’s get started, the vast majority of times I prefer to sit to meditate. Why ?Because when we lie down we tend to relax more. The relaxation is conducive to feeling sleepy. Seepiness is a hindrance or a barrier in order for us to stay connected with our breathing. And paying attention to what is happening in the present moment.

So for this reason I prefer to sit up straight from a meditation. That said if you have any sort of pain in your body when you sit. first I recommend you to check this post on how to sleep properly for meditation. You Must read to avoid the common mistakes that make sitting uncomfortable.

But if you have physical pain that overwhelming for your sitting meditation. Then by all means lie down for meditation. And also make sure you are comfortable. However to situations where I choose to lie down to meditate. The first one is in order for me to fall asleep.

So when I go to bed I lie down on my back and I bring my attention first to my breathing. And then to my body and on each hot breath. I try to release the tensions in my body.

Sometimes we can go to bed and we cannot
fall asleep even though we are very maybe. Because our mind is anxious about something for the day after. Or maybe we have a thought that keeps us awake and agitated.

So the practice here of a meditation is to bring my attention to my body. And to relax it until I can sense the feeling of sleepiness and Perlas. This is handle underneath the edge agitation or the anxiety and practicing like this helped me to fall asleep faster.

The second situation where I practice lying down a meditation is in order for me to practice deep relaxation. Deep relaxation is a very enjoyable practice. Where we try to relax each muscles of our body and to release all the tension that we have accumulated throughout the day. Now what I want to share is that our body is a container for our experiences.

What I mean by that is when we feel angry we feel it through a sensations in our body. When we feel anxious or stressed we feel it maybe we feel it in our shoulders and neck. That tense up most of the time we never pay attention to the sensations.

We have in our body because our mind is either in the past of thinking about the future. Really our mind and our body are together. So in the deep relaxation meditation will bring our mind and a body together into one place. Then we scan our body to see if there are any tensions. And if there are any tensions then we will list them a very enjoyable practice.

That I often enjoy in the afternoon instead of taking a nap. Because sometimes when I try to take a nap I cannot fall asleep and I cannot relax completely. But with this it is a wonderful way to practice mindfulness of the body to reconnect our mind and our body together. And to release attentions.

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