chemical hair straightening at home

chemical hair straightening at home.
Today i’m going to show you an easy way to straighten your hair at home using only two natural ingredients.

Hello guys welcome back to my blog. So i recently found something crazy that has been going around the diy hair community here on. And as you can see in the title yes there is a way to permanently straighten your hair using only two natural ingredients lemon and coconut milk. And this is actually my favorite diy that i’ve ever done for my hair.


Yes this tops rice water which i know is crazy but it just came out so good. And i cannot wait to show you guys how it worked. So if you guys would like to see how to straighten your hair at home using only two natural ingredients then just keep reading. But first if you’re new to my Blog bookmark this site on your browser and subscribe us.

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Without further let’s see how to make and use this diy hair straightening treatment ?

For this recipe you’re going to need an organic lemon. The lemon will make your hair really glossy giving it that keratin treatment look. And you’re also going to need full fat organic coconut milk. Make sure you don’t get reduced fat coconut milk. Because the fat is what is really going to smooth out your hair.


Now here’s how to make the diy hair treatment ?

First you’re gonna take half a cup of coconut milk and pour it into a jar. Make sure that you shake the can of coconut milk before you pour it into the jar. Just to make sure that the fat and everything is mixed together. Then you’re gonna squeeze two tablespoons of lemon into the same jar.

Once the ingredients are added mix everything together thoroughly. And this is what the finished product will look like at this point you’re gonna need to put the mixture in the fridge.

And let it sit overnight. The next morning grab it from the fridge. And this is what it’s going to look like there’s a creamy part at the top. And a watery liquidy part at the bottom. Do not mix this and i’ll explain why in a minute.


So this is what my natural hair looks like it’s wavy and it’s quite frizzy. I usually use a straightener on it but i know that can be bad for your hair. So that is why i love this diy hair treatment. So anyway to apply the coconut milk and lemon mixture into my hair. I separate and brush out my hair.

To apply this i take the white part out of the jar with a spoon First. And i spread that all throughout my hair section by section. And the bottom part of the mixture below the white creamy part gets applied.


After i have applied the full top part of the mixture in my hair. And because i want my entire head of hair to be straightened. I coat my entire hair shaft in the lemon and coconut milk mixture. It helps to gently drag the mixture down your hair like you see me doing here. Because that way you’ll already be creating the straight look that you want.

So you’ll basically be assisting the mixture and making your hair straight. I guess by straightening it out with your hands. And the reason why i apply the creamy part at the top first.

It is because that’s where all of the fat is so as i said before the fat has the most benefits for moisturizing your hair in this treatment. And helping it to look straight and sleek. So by applying it on my hair first it allows the hair follicles to get all of the fat from the mixture.

Before i go on to apply the rest of it to my hair also. I know i keep saying that there’s fat and coconut milk. And that’s what makes it so effective for straightening and smoothing out your hair. But there is also lauric acid and protein in coconut milk. And those two components help to both strengthen your hair and add shine.

Lemon can also lighten your hair. If you go out in the sun with it so that is just an added effect to this treatment. So once my hair is fully covered in the top part of the mixture then i move on to the bottom more liquidy part of the mixture.


I just pour this on top of my head and massage it onto the strands of my hair. And as you guys can see my hair does look a little bit knotted here. But that is because i do not brush my hair with this treatment. Until after i’ve shampooed and conditioned. It would be really hard to get the mixture out of the brush or comb. Because it can be a little bit oily. So i do not recommend that you brush or comb your hair out with the coconut milk and lemon in your hair.

Then i put my hair up and i wrap it in a plastic bag. I know that this looks weird but it just helps your hair to retain the moisturizing benefits of this treatment. So i leave this mixture in for an hour. You can do anywhere from a half hour to one hour. Then after an hour i get in the shower and i shampoo and condition as usual.


I always get the question on what shampoo and conditioner i am using lately. So lately it’s been the herbal essences potent aloe shampoo and conditioner. But feel free to use whatever you usually use to wash your hair.

But beyond shampoo and conditioner i would not use any other products in your hair. Because it could mess up the benefits of the coconut milk and the lemon juice. So another huge tip that i have actually regarding shampooing and conditioning your hair after you’ve used this diy hair straightening treatment.


Make sure that you do not use a shampoo with sulfates. Basically a shampoo with sulfates is going to strip all of the coconut milk and lemon out of your hair. Which will obviously just defeat the purpose of doing this diy altogether. So then once i’ve rinsed out the shampoo from my hair i move on to conditioner.

I just add conditioner to the strands of my hair completely avoiding my roots and scalp. Especially with this treatment it really helps to moisturize your hair. So you don’t need to go crazy with the conditioner.

So once i’m done washing my hair i just put it up to dry. And then after about 15 minutes i take it out of this microfiber hair drying towel. That i use and i brush through it very gently with my wet brush. You can already see that the bottom strands of my hair are starting to straighten out. Compared to how they looked before.


So after i let my hair air dry and this is what it looked like before i brushed it out. It looks so much more straight than what my natural hair typically looks like. But once i did brush it out, it looked even more straight. And just really silky and smooth and i didn’t use any heat on my hair. In this blog whatsoever because i just wanted to show you guys the true results of how this mixture straightens your hair.

And this is how my hair came out it looks so much more straight and so much more sleek. Than it did before it also just looks really healthy and moisturized. And the most amazing thing about this treatment is that not only does it leave your hair straight but it also leaves your hair completely frizz free. Which is amazing for those of us who have frizz.

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