Coconut oil and lemon juice for gray hair

All you need are lemons and coconut oil to turn your gray hair back to your natural color. The pigment cells in the base of your hair follicles define what color your hair will be. So when the body stops producing pigments the hair turns white and becomes colorless.

Fortunately there is a way, you can prevent the appearance of grey for longer time. And you can do this by keeping the base end the pigment cells of your hair healthy. All you have to do is nourish the scalp and protect the hair follicles base.

Gray hair can be caused by many various factors. From chemotherapy, radiation, electric dryers, concentrated hair dyes, malnutrition, genetic disorders, hormonal imbalance, hypothyroidism. Of course you can use hair dye to cover the gray hairs. But this method is harmful for the hair because they are full of chemicals. These chemicals damage the hair and makes it look dry and lifeless.

Therefore using natural products is a better choice. Since natural ingredients do not have negative effects on the hair. Here is an all-natural remedy native lemon juice and coconut oil. That will have amazing effects on your hair. The coconut oil has powerful antimicrobial properties.

It has lauric acid and medium chain fatty acids. This helps free grow and strengthen the hair. And it conditions the scalp. It is rich in antioxidants, which helps reduce protein loss and reverses the appearance of gray hair.


Lemons are loaded with vitamins B, vitamin C and phosphorus. That nourish the hair help in the cause of gray hairs as well as in preventing white hair for longer time.

Here is the recipe ingredients you will need 3 TBS B fresh lemon juice 50 milliliters organic coconut oil. Mix the ingredients really well and then apply it on the roots of your hair. Massage the scalp for about 2 to 3 minutes and leave the mixture on for at least one hour before washing it with a shampoo .Coconut oil and lemon juice for gray hair.

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