Dental health first | Dental health issues among young children.

Dental health problems in young children must be prevent once they identified. When child smile for the first time, it is the most happiest day for mothers. In babies, the smile indicates to their pure heart and mind. When babies started growing, their smile show the health of their teeth. It is necessary that to know about your baby’s dental health.

Baby’s dental health affected by some factors. All these factors depends on baby’s age. Thumb sucking and high sugar concentration affect baby’s dental health to suffer tooth decay at the age from 4 months to 3 years. Frequently contact of sugar and carbohydrates at teeth surface is the main cause of baby tooth decay. Liquid carbohydrates contains bacteria, which are stay in mouth of baby.

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When babies are in toodlershood, thumb sucking can causes dangerous dental problems. In this hood, baby teeth replaced by permanent teeth. Thumb sucking can change permanent teeth structure and placement of babies. This can causes overbites, profusion and misalignment at the roof of the mouth. Also child’s pronounciation and speech can be affected by thumb sucking.

A lots of sweets consumption in toddlers can causes teeth decay. If your child does not brush tooth properly then chances increases for teeth decay. Improper tooth brushing allows bacteria to feed sugar from mouth, gums and teeth. Experts says that consult with a dentist to monitor your child’s dental health.

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Early tooth loss and abnormally tooth growth caused by tooth decay. Teeth placement can change by extra spaces on gums.

Abnormal teeth growth results seviour problems like Temporo – Mandibular joint disorders. Due to tooth misalignment children feel loss of hunger. It is affect the chewing process of child. Dentist treat that diseases by oral prophylaxis and implant the teeth jackets.

Maintain a good dental health from childhood can avoid future dental problems. Better oral health results beautiful teeth. Follow all the tips that provided in this article for a better dental health of your child. Please like share our article.

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