Eating Disorders: 5 Reasons Why It Happens?

Eating disorders are complex mental illness. Individuals who endure from this, experience disturbance of their food consumption which ends up in associated ideas and feelings.

In line with American Psychiatric Association, “eating issues have an effect on several million individuals at any given time, most frequently ladies between the ages of 12 and 35”.


These sorts of individuals typically get obsessive about their food and body weight. Someplace, you could even have met or seen people who are at all times too crucial about their body image.

They’ve a tough time accepting themselves as they’re. These individuals would not even know however, possibly, they endure from eating issues.

Folks with this complicated disorder additionally fears ‘weight gain’ and starve themselves to near-death. Eating issues are categorised into three most important issues – Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa & Binge Eating Disorder. Therefore, that is an sickness not a selection.

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It’s essential to know, there are lots of causes behind the formation of this severe disorder. In case you or any of your loved one is affected by the disorder, you must know these mentioned causes –


I. Influence of Culture


This is one of the main issue accountable in shaping our mindset over body picture. Through the years, we’ve got been raised to see skinny physique (for ladies) and muscular physique (for males) form as an ideal body form.

There are only a few individuals who even know that body form of women and men will be of many shapes. Over emphasis on look has at all times been in our society.

Due to this, many individuals get overwhelmed or obsessive about weight resulting in see themselves as “too fats“. They’ll apply quick-schemes of shedding weight as an alternative of managing their weight in a wholesome way. In some way, they can even start to starve themselves for no-good-reason.

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II. Under Genetics

Genetics contributes within the growth of our physique. In line with research, it has been discovered that the sickness of eating issues usually happens to an individual when it runs in the family. Subsequently, it have excessive charges in equivalent twins than some other siblings.

III. Psychological Factors

Based on the research, in many of the cases different issues, resembling scientific melancholy, obsessive compulsive disorder or alcohol abuse, might contribute to eating issues. Folks coping up from fears or anxiety usually have low-esteem, perfectionism, hassle in overcoming/expressing feelings. In addition they experience restlessness towards the conditions.

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IV. Environment

Complexity of this disorder may also happen by disturbance in environment. Folks may had unhealthy experiences in the past which makes them creating boundaries around them. Underneath pressure, actions linked to eating issues will increase. Additionally, some contributing factors is perhaps –

Troublesome childhood

Social/peer pressure

Household/different relationship issues

Gone by physical/sexual abuse

Experienced bullying due to physique image

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V. In the State of Stress

Stress results in main well being issues. It impacts each physically as well as mentally. Folks with eating issues would possibly experience abnormality of chemical reaction taking place of their body which frequently results in temper swings and stress. Additionally, individuals under fixed state of stress experience the signs.

Bear in mind… eating disorder is a severe sickness, not a choice!

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