Follow these nutrition tips to stay healthy.

All students eat lunch at matanmi school of osogbo in osun state Nigeria. This primary school participates in home-grown school feeding competition in osun state. This competition was held for the improvement of nutrition levels for school children. Best nutrition helps to improve retention, enrollment and completion rates for primary schools in osun state Nigeria (in 2009).

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Almost all peoples must be improve their nutrition and health. This work just a few works or many works depending upon your current diet plan. Follow our experts tips to get a better health. Fulfill your body requirements.


Take these foods that contains a lot of water. Many vegetables and fruits like watermelon, strawberry and cucumbers contains water. Try to take juice of these foods because juice is better hydrated. Sufficient water in our body improves our skin, hair and nails health.

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Beawar when you choose diary products. Dairy products like milk, ghee, curd and butter are Highly rich in vitamin D, protein, potassium and calcium. But dairy products also contains fat i.e bad for your health. Low fat milk or skim milk contains nutrients and low fat. Try to drink low fat milk. For some peoples lactose causes health problems so try to select lactose-free dairy products. Most of cheese contains high saturated fat, try to choose less fat cheese.


If you eat nuts then try to add almonds with nuts during cooking. Almonds contains many nutrients that our body needs. Almonds contains protein that could be reduce cholesterol and increase blood cells in our body. Almonds are available in market at cheap price comparison to nuts.

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When you eating try to avoid excess amount of fats and calories. Generally in hotels and restaurants meals contains heave amount of fats and calories. Try to eat half of these meal and save another half for next day.


Pumpkin is a very useful vegetable and use as many different types in our daily life. Pumpkin is a squash type and rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants protect from cancers and heart diseases. Seed oil of pumpkin is protect from tumors disease. From pies to soups pumpkins are use as many different recipies.

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Smooth and delicious food are favourite for all. Try to make more delicious and nutritious to these foods. Add a bit of flax seed oil to your delicious food. Or try to add a bit of cocoa with antioxidants to your delicious food. These are very small but these are improve your immune system and taste of your smooth and delicious food.


Try to decrease the amount of group meat that you eat. Boost your mushroom eating. Mushrooms help to fulfill your meat pining. Some studies shows that it has same quality to meat. Also mushrooms are the best alternative of meat. Mushrooms are contains fibres and decrease the chances of cancer diseases.

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If you are not eating any veg food, try to eat atleast a few vegetarian meals in every week to improve your nutrition level. This will help you to learn that other foods are nutritious than meat. Every vegetarian meals contains proteins.


Whole grains replaced the processed grain because for the better taste. Experts proved that white flour is a good choice for baked grains. Our digestive system easily digest whole grains. Also whole grains have better taste comparison to other grains.

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Some peoples are skip meal for weight lose. Skipping meal does not lose your weight but striving the body. By skipping meal our metabolism rate decreases and force body to hold more fat. You can not lose weight if you didn’t take proper meal.


When you are traveling you fill sickness, try to eat ginger. Ginger is available in the format of capsules. Take 1000mg ginger capsule before traveling and take 1000mg ginger capsule every 3 hours. Ginger is scientifically proven to reduce motion sickness. If you didn’t find ginger capsule try to drink ginger tea or eat ginger candy.

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Follow our tips to get sufficient nutrients for a healthy life. I hope you enjoy this article. Please like and share this article to your friends and family members to get success in their healthy life.

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