Full body laser hair removal cost

Full body laser hair removal cost. Hy everyone in this article we’re going to talk about how much does laser hair removal cost. Cost range anywhere from a hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars. A session and packages typically end up cheaper than that depending on where you go.

There are many factors that affect the cost of laser hair removal. The primary factor is the area that you’re being treated. So generally speaking hair removal areas are priced on how long it takes to remove. So if you’re treating your legs which is a much larger area and takes longer for the practitioner to perform that treatment.


You’re gonna pay a higher price than something like your underarms. Which may take you know a third of the time to treat additionally who is providing the procedure drastically affects the price.

So if you’re getting treated by a technician who’s not that experienced and the doctor is able to pay them a lower hourly rate. They’re going to pass that along to you the savings. However if you want to be treated by someone who’s an expert in the space. Or someone who has a master’s degree in medicine. Typically those practitioners who are better at the services.

They provide are also potentially going to be more expensive. So therefore driving up the price per area. So what you’re trying to do is make sure you’re going to a provider that has not only the best possible equipment. He’s treating you with the best practitioner. But it’s also making sure that that equipment is certified and consistently maintained by that manufacturer.Full body laser hair removal cost.

Because the output of that laser can vary widely over time. And if someone uses the laser often but never services it’s going to have a different energy output. Which increases the possibility of adverse reaction. So offices that specialize typically in these services have better maintained equipment that’s more cost-effective for you. Because you know that the services you’re getting are going to provide the results you’re looking for.


Within your treatment package an additional factor is the laser. Okay there’s a massive difference in quality in this industry with regards to the lasers that are providing. These procedures more often than not ninety percent of offices out there are using what’s called IPL. Which is intense pulsed light it doesn’t necessarily permanently disable hair. Okay it’s primarily used for other cosmetic dermatological services.


What you’re really looking for is what you know is commonly referred to as a true laser device. And true lasers are class 4 fda-approved lasers for permanent hair reduction. And these lasers are fully capable of eliminating body hair permanently. Those lasers also cost three times the price on average of a typical IPL device.Full body laser hair removal cost.

So you’ve got to make sure that the office you’re going to is willing to make that investment additionally. Because true lasers are optimized wavelength of light and treat one particular wavelength. That wavelength is only optimized for a set skin type. So typically skin types one through three with one particular wavelength and skin types four through six with other particular wavelengths.

So wherever you go if they’re going to provide you with true laser devices. Typically they have the added cost of having two just to make sure they’re capable of treating all skin types. So that’s an important question to ask do you have the laser that treats my skin type. And if they don’t you may want to look elsewhere for a company that offers that oftentimes.

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IPL devices typically use devices that have not been maintained that have not been updated that have not been to certified by the manufacturer. And so you get what you pay for. Again if you are trying to buy these services no different than if you’re going to go out there and get a breast augmentation.


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