Healthy foods for dieters.

Winter season is also known as party and festival season, here some healthy foods for dieters. Winter season make you hunger very soon. In this article we provide list of top 10 food that help you to maintain weight.

Pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin seeds are the perfect foods in nature. Essential vitamins like B,C,D,E and K are found in pumpkin. Important minerals like potassium, niacin, phosphorus and calcium also found in pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds contains low calories and diverse cellulose, so it is one of the favourite food for dieters. Zinc is highly rich in pumpkin seeds, it is help to reduce women’s aging process.

Choose natural seeds, not processed seed because natural seeds show best results for lose weight. You can add pumpkin seeds to salad or eat directly.

Boost your immune system naturally


Everyone not want to eat ginger because of its acrid taste. But ginger help to speed up your blood circulation. Ginger is a healthy food and it help you to avoid cancer.

Cut ginger into slices and cook with red apple and add sugar for a better taste.

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Generally apricot is a summer fruit. But dried and stepped apricot also contains full nutrients and use in winter. Vitamin A,B2, B3 and c and some useful natural sugar found in apricot. Apricot also works as natural remedy for various skin problems.

Mix apricot with yoghurt or eat apricot directly.

Violet cabbage.

Only 22 calories found in a bowl of violet cabbage. Try to eat fresh violet cabbage in salad.


Apple contains a perfect amount of cellulose. Apple can remove toxins from your body. Also it is good for your teeth.


Try to steep Apple in Salt water for 5-10 minutes, this can remove all pesticides from Apple skin.

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Cinnamon is a valuable spice. It is used as asian medicine that increase your metabolic process. Also cinnamon is an essential food that used in winter season mostly.

Add some amount of cinnamon in vegetables. Try to eat daily for a better result.

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