How long do fillings last ?

Hi my name is dr. Shalini Claudia and I’m a dentist at gentle dental care in Vestal New York. Today I wanted to talk to you about filling and a question that I get a lot which is how long do fillings last. I’m going to give you a worse dancer than so you don’t want to hear it and that is it depends.

It depends on how big the filling is it depends on how much decay was in the tooth in the first place. It depends on how well you’re taking care of that filling. One of the things that causes feelings to fail is getting a cavity underneath the filling. That you currently have

That can happen if you’re not getting into all those nooks and crannies. And getting it clean when you’re brushing your teeth or you are having a lot of sugar in your diet. So we call that a recurrent decay. So it’s happened again in the same area where you already had a filling. That’s something that you definitely want to avoid. Because every time you get a filling replace it’s going to be alittle bit bigger.

The other thing that causes fillings to break down over time is their size the bigger. They are the more likely. They are to fail over time and that is why ? When a filling gets to a certain size a filling isn’t the best option anymore.


Sometimes we recommend crowns or caps on teeth that have a lot of expensive decay to help hold it together. It’s simply an engineering thing. The filling material is not as strong as our natural teeth. And so they don’t hold up the same way that our natural teeth do. We don’t have any materials that are as good as human enamel.

And so we do our best with the filling materials that we have available. And a lot of times they can last for a long time. And that depends on how well you’re taking care of it and your specific bite forces and what’s going on in your individual mouth. So I know it’s not specifically the answer you wanted to hear. It’s hard to tell without looking at an individual – even then it’s really a guest to figure out how long those fillings are going to last ?


What we do here at gentle dental care is use the best materials available with our current technology. We make sure that everything is set to the correct height. So your fight feels comfortable and that helps fillings last a lot longer. And we make sure that all of the decay is gone from underneath. The tooth before we put the filling in so all of those things combined really help the fillings that we do here at gentle dental care last longer.

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