How long does a dental cleaning take

How long does a dental cleaning take.In this post I want to talk about how much does a teeth-cleaning cost and how long does a teeth-cleaning take. Both are very related to each other. So that’s why I wanted a talk about both at the same time.

These are two of the most commonly asked questions that I get at the dental office. You know the answer is unique to every person a good analogy is cars For instance as cars get older they require maintenance. Obviously and some people will have cars with require very low maintenance.

It has a lot to do with how you use them as well some people abuses their cars more than others. Some will have a lot more mechanical problems than others you know. And our teeth inner gums are kind of in a way a bit of a similar thing. They require maintenance things unfortunately sometimes go wrong. Some people have more things go wrong than others and some will definitely require more work than others.How long does a dental cleaning take.

Unfortunately with our teeth we can’t swap out our teeth like we can with our cars. So when it comes to our gums everyone’s problems are unique. Therefore we’ll have some patients where literally will have let’s say a husband who has lots of gum problems. And in his wife could have very few very little and she may need very minor maintenance. And he might need unfortunate very extensive maintenance.


For us to maintain our teeth ultimately, the most important things to remember are if you have a lot of bleeding of your gums. That is a serious problem if you have deep pockets that is a serious problem. And if you have recession of your gums that is a serious problem. And if you have all three it is a super serious problem. And in each one is correlated with shortened life expectancy of your teeth and ultimately we need to decide what a game plan needs to be to be able to extend the life of your teeth as long as possible.

Nowadays you know we have routinely have patients in their 80s and 90s who have vast majority. If not all their teeth going forward I think most patients that I come across do want to be able to maintain their teeth for the rest of the life. And they would like to avoid dentures and being on top of their cleanings is critical for that to happen. So regarding the price and the number of appointments for hygiene ultimately for most adults, we recommend like when they come in.How long does a dental cleaning take.


Let’s say as a new patient is generally we do like approximately a 1 hour appointment for the hygiene component. Which could include typically anywhere between 1 to 3 units of scaling a Polish and an fluoride for most of our adults. We do an assessment as part of that appointment where we thoroughly probe all the gums measure the pocket depths. You know between the gums and the teeth and we measure the amount of bleeding and we measure the recession and based on on those measurements.

We can determine how healthy your gums are and how much maintenance that they will require. There are some patients with more advanced gum disease. Where we will need to see them ideally for a few visits if it’s been a while. Since their last time we got a lot to catch up on to get their gums healthier. And then once their gums are healthier we need to see them more frequently. We may need to see them every three months and likewise we have other patients where they have fantastic healthy gums.



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