How long does it take to dye hair ?

How long does it take to dye hair. Hey guys welcome to my blog In this article will talking about what to know before you dye your hair. Let’s just start it, the first thing you should know, if you have brunette hair. You have to bleach your hair before you can dye it. Naturally our hair grabs on two colors. If our hair is lighter, so if you have darker hair it’s not going to be as visible.

Number two, if you are brunette and you are bleaching your hair it can hurt. Especially if it’s at the scalp of your hair it’s not a whole lot of pain. Sometimes it can vary depending on how tender your head is. And how sensitive you are to pain and it has like a burning type of sensation. Next is when you are dyeing your hair. It takes a lot of waiting by the time you’re done it’s like been four hours.

In the past I’ve had my hair dyed to red, orange, blue, green, black and pink. Now I’m aware of how long certain colors last. This does vary on how thick your hair is and what color hair you naturally have. And how often you wash your hair. For me red lasted about two months blue last at about a month and green lasted a while. And it’s stuck in my hair for a while and I can’t remember how long it lasted. But eventually all the colors will strip down to blonde.

If you have repeatedly dyed your hair it will get more brittle and more fragile and more frizzy as time goes on. Especially at the ends of your hair. So make sure to get trims every once in a while. Because your hair cannot stand so much stress. So the first time you die you hear ridiculous amounts of dye will come out of your hair. Don’t worry you’re not going to lose all of your dye.

I remember dyeing my hair blue for the first time. And also I remember looking down it looked like I had strangled a smurf or something your hair bleeds a lot. The first time you wash your hair speaking of which. When you dye your hair make sure you dye it in cold water. In that way your hair stays the same for a longer time. The first week of your hair you will lose the most amount of color but it will still be very vibrant.

Before I dyed my hair I thought that your hair is going to smell after you die here. For me that has never been the case if you ever wonder. Why the hairdresser’s put aluminum foil on your hair it’s to preserve the hair color. And let die stay longer crayon colors like pink and blue leave a lot faster than like say a red orange.

Keep that in mind when you are deciding to dye your hair a certain color. Depending on the color it will leave you a lot faster. If your hair has gotten to a point to where you have dyed it so many times. And your bleached it so many times like me. Then make sure to deep condition your hair at least once a week. In that way you are kind of preserving your hair and you’re making it healthier and bringing you back to life.

Overall the thicker and darker your hair is the harder and the longer. it’s gonna take to die. Unfortunately I have that problem. But if you have thinner blonder hair then good for you dyeing your hair will be a lot easier for you. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made regarding my beauty choices. So if you are considering a dying your hair definitely do it.

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