How much botox do i need ?

Hi I’m Emily Dow and welcome to the  People commonly want to know how many units of Botox they’ll need. Some areas of the face or neck require a lot of Botox and some require very little Botox.

So we’re go over a range on the average number of units needed per desired treatment area. As a general guideline Botox is measured in units and injected into facial muscles those who have stronger facial muscles. This will usually need more Botox. Males tend to have stronger facial muscles and therefore may require more units of Botox than women.

Also anatomical differences in facial features affect the number of units needed. For instance for head size someone who has a larger forehead has more surface area. And would likely need more Botox to that area than someone who has a smaller forehead.

So we’ll start with the forehead for the horizontal lines. The muscle is called a frontalis muscle with the range being 5 to 20 units 20 is on the high side. I would say I’ve used that many for men who have very strong forehead muscles. 10 units is the most average. Our next muscle group is in between our brows it is known as the glabella area. It gives us the wrinkles we commonly call 11s.

So the range is from 9 which is on the low side to 25 which is on high side. Which I would say 20 units being the most average amount to correct this area. Next we have our crow’s feet. So the range is from 3 to 12 per side with 3 being on the very low and 12 being on the very high.

I would say the average amount of units needed per side is about 10 units. Next you have our bunny lines which are a very very small muscle. So they generally don’t take a lot of Botox. I would say on average about 4 to 6 units. Our next muscle group is probably one of my favorite to treat it’s the upper lip. So basically if you put a little bow here it can avert the Cupid’s bow and make the upper lip look fuller and more youthful.

So if somebody has really small lips I go with 4 units. 12 units is really high that is if the person has a really really really full lips naturally and a lot of. I would say maxillary prominence which means they have a very very full philtrum and very full area around the mouth so 4 to 12 units. I would say 6 units is probably my average to treat on the upper lip.

Our next muscle group is the masseter muscle on the sides of our jaw very strong muscle. It is responsible for us biting down 10 units is very low amount to treat and 40 units being probably about the highest amount to treat with. 20 units being probably the most average for this area. And remember that is on each side our next muscle group is for people who have a tendency to turn down the corners of their mouth. If that’s something that somebody did you can put a little bit of Botox into the DAO muscle. And if that were the case you’d use around 4 to 6 units.

Our next area is the chin it’s called the mentalis muscle. And what can happen is when we use this muscle sometimes it causes chin dimpling. So if we put a little bit of Botox to this area it can prevent it from dimpling. And when it relaxes that muscle it also tends to they long gait the muscle a little bit.

And last but not least we have the neck we have two areas on the neck. That we can treat our platysmal bands which take around 20 to 50 units. And then the neck rings which can be softened with around 20 to 50 units also. And sometimes even less. So for the neck rings and remember it’s just a range just to give you a better idea.

I customized botox for every individual so each treatment session is going to be based on your unique facial anatomy. Occasionally if patience say I like my crow’s feet but I just want them softened. Or I want to still be able to frown but I just want it softened so if that were the case you’d be on the lower end of units.

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