How much does hair weigh ?

How much does hair weigh ?

How much does hair weigh. Hi everybody in this article we are going to be a short test. I get a lot of people asking me how happy is my hair doesn’t it hurt. My neck doesn’t make me feel drained and the truth is not really. Because when I wear it down loosely or in a braid the weight of my hair is distributed. This is not only on my head and my neck but also over my shoulders.

My back and westerner gets long enough to sit on. Then actually if you’re sitting on a chair the chair takes some of the way for the hair as well. So really when I have it down or in a braid I don’t feel the weight of it. However if I do have it up in a bun then it does get a little bit heavy.

Let’s start the experiment.

So in this blog I’m going to actually weigh my hair using this simple kitchen scale. Here now this is a bit of a crude experiment and so it’s not going to be exact. Also be aware that my result might not be the typical results. Even though I have long hair and it’s not very thin. It’s not particularly thick either. So if you have very thick hair even if it’s shorter it might be heavier than mine etc.


So I’m going to quickly braid my hair and I’m going to weigh it on the kitchen scale when it’s wet and when it’s dry. So let’s get started, all right so here is my kitchen scale. I’m going to actually put the the bowl on here and tear it back to zero.

So that my hair is not going to fall off the platform it’s going to stay in there. So let me turn this back to zero and I’m just going to sit in a highchair lean backwards. And put my hair in here and you guys fit through the camera are going to see how much by hair weighs.


Now I’m going to try and put as much of my hair as possible in there up to the nape of my neck. But I don’t want to actually put pressure from my head or my neck on
the scale. Otherwise it’ll be artificially inflated and you can see that. I didn’t even put a hair elastic at the end of my braid. The way to the hair elastic is probably negligible but I wanted this weight to be as accurate as possible.


Ok well as possible given the use of a kitchen scale. So I’m going to weigh this three times. I’m performing these wings and triplicate. So that means I’m wearing my hair dry three times and wet three times. Then taking the average so this is weight number one. You can see that I just washed my hair. I just very gently squeeze the excess water into a towel. But it’s still mostly wet so I’m just going to braid this. And then we’re going to weigh it again.


They taking the average my hair when it’s dry weighs about 225 grams. Which is pretty close to half a pound. And then when it’s wet it is closer to 350 grams. Which is closer to three-quarters of a pound. Now considering the fact that the average adult’s human head without hair weighs somewhere between 8 and 12 pounds.

You can see that adding about half a pound. When my hair is dry which is about 95 percent of the time is sort of negligible. It really only adds you know somewhere between five and ten percent of the total weight of the head.

Some FAQs


Does hair weigh a lot?


Here the simple answer is NO. Because a full head hair can a measure an weight of 30-60 grams. And the maximum weight of hair is 5 pounds


How much does the average person’s hair weigh?


An average person’s hair is 6 inches to 7 inches, and it’s weight should be 0.2-0.4 milligrams.


What does one foot of hair weigh?


An official source states that 1 inch of hair has 50 micrograms in weight so 1 foot hair could be 1.3 lbs in weight.


Do you lose weight after a haircut?


Yes you can lose weight after haircut but this weight can be negligible.


Do you weigh more after a shower?


Yes, our body absorbed water during shower. But, this weight can be negligible.

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