How often should you get a facial ?

How often should you get a facial. A common question asked by clients after
skincare treatment is how often should I come back for facials ?

For new estheticians this can be an awkward subject they’re worried that suggesting frequent visits. This may appear overly eager or greedy while recommending visits. That are spaced in lengthy intervals may cause a client to forget or lose interest and either scenario risks.

The same result losing clients in truth most clients are unlikely to have either of these two perceptions. Because either one they’re going to a new aesthetician to check out their expertise. Number two they’re already at least somewhat familiar with the esthetician.

And they want their honest recommendation. So young professionals should remember if the client is asking this is a positive. Because interest already exists but to answer the question how often should a prospective regular come in for future treatments.

It depends and hold up before you get irritated with that answer hear me out. It depends because treatment frequency is subject to a person’s unique skin care. It needs for instance a client might have combination skin with good barrier function in oilier areas. And good moisture retention in less oily areas.

If they’re wanting to maintain these qualities in their using proper home care. Then they could in theory get treatments as often as once a week. If they have the time it means of course. But if a client is dealing with photo damage related skin with hyperpigmentation contour deviations loss of elasticity there could be more than one answer to the how often question.

And all of them may be correct in one client’s case maybe. They use combination of hydroxy acids, collagen, stimulants and hydrators at home. While coming in for microdermabrasion once a week for say.

Four weeks at which point the client is given an insulin hydroxy acid treatment and switched to once monthly visits. Of course needs would then be determined on an appointment by appointment basis until goals are achieved.


Now another client with the same issues
may start in a salon with light hydroxy acid treatments once weekly for six weeks. While using bright nurse collagen stimulants and hydrators at home.

As with the other example that the client would then be scheduled for monthly visits to check out progress. And then decide if any further professional treatment programs are needed.

The differences between the two line largely in the estheticians technique. The issues being treated in salon versus at home And the length of time it may take to achieve results ultimately. If pursued correctly both clients should get similar results. Some programs may be quicker than others.

But a destination can often be reached by more than one road regardless of the time taken. Generally most estheticians recommend a minimum of once monthly visits for affordability. And to make sure that the recommended mat home regimen doesn’t need adjusting.

Still parts of a facial can be overdone. Cleansing agents can be too aggressive. Skin can be over exfoliated, masks can be over stimulating. Just remembering that skincare isn’t a one-size-fits-all practice will help in adjusting and deciding how often treatments are beneficial to the client.

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