How to gain weight in thighs

How to gain weight in thighs. In this article I will discuss about building lean muscle mass to gain weight. I have an amazing muscle building leg workout for you. Guys that will get you moving in the direction of building nice toned, strong thick legs. Which is what all of us weight gainers want right now.

If you have read my last post, where I talked about my five-step process of gaining weight. Then you would know that step number one was to start lifting heavy weights.

And that is exactly what we’ll be doing today in this article and if you haven’t seen that post yet then definitely check it out. Also please make sure you stay tuned to the end just.

Let’s get started

So you understand the tips and tricks of making any workout effective. Pumping out repetitions is one thing but to do your workout properly and effectively. So you get most result out of it that is another thing.

So if you really want to know how to perform an exercise in a way. That it produces better faster results. Then definitely make sure you stay tuned till the end of this article to understand everything.

Now before I dive into this workout I just wanted to quickly show you my pre-workout snack. That I often take today I’m having a banana with peanut butter. Always make sure to eat a good snack about an hour and a half before your workout. Just so you make sure that you have that sustained release of energy throughout your workout.

Do not working out on empty stomach

I do not believe in working out on empty stomach. Because that means I won’t have enough energy to you know really pump out those repetitions and sets that I have to do.

And the way I should be performing my exercises to be able to gain most result. So I like to feed myself a little well in advance. Then have a good amount of energy in me to be able to smash those workouts.

Try to eat a banana and some peanut butter. So just gonna chop the banana into small bite-sized pieces. And just gonna sprinkle a tablespoon of peanut butter on it. And they go that’s basically it it has about 220 calories. Which is amazing because this is all natural and healthy calories.

Must do pre workout

So that’s what my pre-workout looks like great. So after that is when I hit the gym or in this case just a home workout with some dumbbells and barbells at home.

Starting off with hip thrusts now this is an amazing exercise for gluts. Rest your shoulder blades on a chair or a bench. Which is just about the same height as your knees and pressing. Through the heels lift your butt just high enough. So it stays in line to the rest of the body and squeeze at the top of the movement.


Keep this whole movement nice and slow focusing on lifting using the gluts moving on to the next exercise. Which are Romanian deadlifts and is a great exercise for hamstrings and clothes. Now with your feet just about shoulder width, apart lower the barbell down, while driving your hips backwards. Keeping your back nice and straight and keeping the bar close to your body.

While you lowering it go low enough so you feel a good stretch in your hands. And then pressing through the heels lift yourself up and squeeze them gluts. As you can see in the side view I am pushing my hips slightly backwards. And then dropping the weight down keeping my back nice and straight and lifting back up. Now next one is squats this is something that I think everybody knows that the stance.


I’m using here is just a little wider than shoulder-width. Again the movement is basically the way you sit on a chair. So you drive your hips a little backwards making sure your knees don’t pass your toes. So it’s kind of sitting backwards and then pressing through the heels.

Important note

Now two important things to keep in mind with all these exercises. Make sure you squeezing the muscle, you’re working. And be you making sure you’re not rushing through these exercises. Keep them nice and slow keep the muscle under pressure for longer to feel the most burn.

And here moving on to the next exercise which are step ups. Now this is a great way of isolating your legs keeping your front foot static on the stairs. Just drop the other leg down and pressing to the heel of the front foot.

Just press yourself up make sure to keep your front foot nice and flat on the step. It will help you to create that balance and again cannot stress enough. Make sure to squeeze the quads off the leg which is raised. Because that’s your working cord.

Now I superset this exercise with the previous one. This is an amazing burner. So as you can see you will need a resistance band to be able to do this exercise. The band is helping me to not lean forward while I’m squatting down. And keeping all my body weight in my heels.

Which means I will be engaging my quads more to be able to lift myself up. you can do this on a cable machine in the gym. And I can guarantee that this is an amazing and a complete burner. Definitely superset it with a regular barbell squat and you will love it.


Great so moving on to a banded stiff legged deadlifts. Now this is exactly the same as the previous deadlifts that we did. The only differences we are doing it on a resistance band or you can do it on a cable machine at the gym. Again when you’re lowering yourself down just make sure you driving your hips backwards.


So you feel the most stretch in your hamstrings. And then pressing through your heels and using your gluts just bring yourself up. And squeeze that butt as hard as you can go. Also just make sure you keep in your black nice and straight.

When you lowering yourself down you don’t want to arch too much. Because that can hurt your back. Lastly we have a banded single leg glutes bridge with one foot on the chair. Lift your butt high just enough to bring it in line with the rest of the body and squeeze hard.

If you’re using a band like myself then crunch the raised leg towards your tummy as the band will. Then create a resistance on the working glute giving you that epic burn. That you need to tear that muscle and eventually grow your glutes.

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