How to lose weight fast in 2 weeks

How to lose weight fast in 2 weeks. Top 15 easy ways to lose weight in two weeks. More Stress at work, eating junk food and poor quality sleep prevents you from achieving your dream body. And this can even make things worse but losing weight isn’t always about difficulty diets and exhausting workouts.

There are many tricks available that can help you lose  excess weight in just two weeks. In this article we’re going to share with you 15 tips that can help you get rid of excess belly fat. Most people don’t  know these tricks. Before we get started be sure to subscribe our newsletter. Now you won’t miss any of the important updates coming out daily on the

15- Avoid sugary drinks.

When your tooth kicks, you’re often tempted to chug a soda can or some fruit juice. But if you want to lose weight this sugary addiction should must be stop. This has  proven by doctors from the department of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health. Drinking sugary drinks causes to being overweight and obese.How to lose weight fast in 2 weeks.

14- Drink green tea.

Want to burn more unhealthy fats ?  According to dr. Margaret Westar (Terp Plantinga of Maastricht University) drinking green tea may help. Because green tea loaded with antioxidants called catechins which enhances its fat-burning capabilities.

13-  Hide unhealthy foods.

Hide unhealthy foods out of sight of your mind. According to a study conducted by scientists at Ohio University,  you crave unhealthy snacks more when they’re within your reach. This finding is reiterated by scientists at Cornell University and vtt Technical Research Center of Finland. In their research keep all unhealthy foods in the far and not on your countertops. You can change to healthier choice such as a basket of fruit if you can’t stop snacking.
How to lose weight fast in 2 weeks.

12- brush your teeth more often.

Brushing not only clean your teeth but also help in the fight against overweight if you brushing during the day. About 15,000 people took part in a research project conducted by the Catholic University of Korea. This research showed that there’s a connection between brushing your teeth and losing your weight. Toothpaste can removes leftover food from your mouth. And it could stops communicating with our receptors our brain receives a signal that says lunch is over.

11-  Laughs more.

This isn’t a joke since here laughter uses about the same amount of energy as walking. Since it involves different muscles especially abdominal ones. Data gathered by a team of researchers at the Department of Medicine at Vanderbilt University showed that 10 to 15 minutes of laughter a day can burn 10 to 40 calories.

So we recommend that you watch more comedy shows. Can’t get a good laugh with the comedy shows you’re already watching sign up for a laughter yoga club instead this is no laughing matter. Currently there are about 6,000 groups worldwide. Laughter is the best medicine indeed.

10- Drink more water.

We’re take time and again that drinking enough water speeds up the fat burning
process. If you’re not convinced a teamof scientists from the Humboldt University and the German Institute of human nutrition researched this topic. They have asked the participants of their research to drink two large glasses of water. As a result their metabolism became 30% faster and more efficient. Scientists have claimed that by drinking 50 fluid ounces extra a day, a person can burn around 17,000 400 calories per year, and approximately four pounds.How to lose weight fast in 2 weeks.

9-  Follow the two and a half minute rule.

This rule was established by scientists at Colorado State University and Shultz medical campus. They call it sprint interval training and it requires a 2.5 minute intense workout every day. The main thing is five to thirty seconds of hard exercise during a workout. For instance speeding up while riding a bike or exercising on a treadmill with four minute breaks. It may increase your metabolism and you’ll burn an extra 200 calories. Do high-intensity exercise and always give your full potential to burn more fat.

8-  Eat less.

Because more often it’s easy when you eat frequently. You feel your body know that there’s no need to gain fats. When we skip a meal we send the negativity signal and we tend to eat more. Based on research from the department of nutritional sciences at the University of Toronto eating little and often reduces cholesterol levels by 15% and insulin levels by almost twenty eight percent. Insulin plays an important role in our body. Since it controls the sugar level in the blood.

7-  Remove the bright blue light from electronic displays.

There is another easy way to increase your metabolism. Remove the blue light from your Mobile 📲 if you use Phone before bedtime. However experts do say try to avoid mobile completely before going to Bed.  A study was conducted by scientists from the department of physiological anthropology at Kyushu University showed that bright light confuses our brain. Which may stops producing melatonin. Our metabolism is tightly connected to our sleeping system. And the amount and quality of our sleep. Adjust the light tones emitted by your phone. And you’ll Definitely get an improvement in your sleep.How to lose weight fast in 2 weeks.

6-  Stop counting calories.

Nutritionists prefer to stop focusing on calories. They recommend that pay more attention to the quality of the Food you eat. Because not all calories are equal, for instance a high calorie burger can be harmful. But high-calorie nuts are very useful. Vegetables, nuts and seeds are natural and organic processed. They are contain more useful and healthy elements than their powdery dietary Product. These products help us to get a new diet enrich our body with vitamins, minerals and satisfy hunger.

5- Let cool air into your bedroom.

Research from the National Institute of Diabetes and digestive suggests that cool temperatures in a room influenced brown fat. Fat layer that protects our body from freezing. This results, it splits white fat and burns chemical energy to create heat subjects. It had to sleep in rooms with different temperatures neutral, cool and warm. After 4 weeks of sleeping in a cool room men get rid of a great amount of white fat from their abdomens.

4- Forget about daytime sleep.

Science proves that people not able to lose  fat fastly when they sleep during the day and are active at night. A group of scientists from the colorado University studied 14 healthy people for six days. During the first two days people slept during the night and didn’t Take any daytime naps. Then they changed their sleeping time to owls sleeping schedules.How to lose weight fast in 2 weeks.

It has turned out that when They took a nap their metabolism worsening. Since their biological clocks didn’t completely flip to fit their sleeping schedules. If you work at night shifts, doctors recommend reducing the number of calories you consume by 50 to 60.

3-  Once a week break.

A diet contains cheap meals are a rather popular practice among amateur and professional athletics. That means you break your diet once a week. Now You’re allowed to eat everything you want even if that foods are banned from your regular diet. Behind this lies in tricking your mind when you know you’re going to be rewarded for your efforts. It’s much easier to refuse bad food to satisfy your desires.

2- Get rid of stress.

According to a study conducted at Ohio State University, stress slows down our metabolism rate. What’s more when we are stressed out we tend to eat more sweet and salty foods. Scientists say that consuming high-calorie products in stressful situations affects our metabolism and leads to gain weight. So avoid binge eating at all costs when you’re in stressed.

1- Get plenty of sleep.

A few more words about getting good quality sleep. A healthy eight hours of sleep from 10:00 or 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 or 7:00 a.m. contributes to great metabolism rate. It can also help you get rid of unwanted belly fats. In a study conducted by assistant professor Murray Pierre st. Onge at Columbia University Subjects who slept less than five hours were more prone to weight gain. And obesity than those who had sufficient sleep which tips do you follow to stay healthy and fit.

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