How to make eyes lighter naturally

How to make eyes lighter naturally.
The truth is eye color is genetic and it cannot be change permanently by natural methods. It can be change only by using synthetic methods like using colored contact lenses or surgery.

But you can slightly, I repeat slightly change the color of your eyes by using these natural methods. This means you can slightly lighten or darken your eye color.

By eating nuts

If you are nuts lover, then you will be happy to see that nuts are also very helpful for lightening your eye color.

If you regularly take nuts in your diet then within some days you will observe that the color of your eye will be lighten. But do not take the roasted nuts. As most of the people are attracted towards roasted nuts. But the nutrition are lost as they are heated at a high flame.

So for getting nutrition and for lightening the color of your irs take raw nuts regularly. Olive oil is helpful for changing your eye color. Because of the presence of line aaalac acid, linoleic acid. It provides the soft and beautiful look to your body.So it makes your eye looks attractive.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea change the color of your eye. As it is helpful in lower ring down the hormones of stress in your body. And keep you feel nice and looks warm.So your eyes looking brighter if you take chamomile tea.


Fish contains minerals and vitamins especially vitamin a, b, c, d and e in large amount. Also fish contains phosphorus, magnesium, iron and calcium. And all these components are very helpful for changing the color of your eyes.


Spinach contains carotenoids, lutein and
zeaxanthin. Which provides youthfulness
to your eyes. Thus make it look attractive. Spinach contains the high content of iron which makes it look brighter than its natural color. So if you want to brighten the color of your eyes then you should start taking spinach in your diet.

Yuva earthy

Yuva earthy is helpful in changing the color of your eye. As the soothing effect of the leaves instantly relaxes your eyes. This relaxation gives your eye a brighter appearance. If you would like to change your eye color to any color of your choice you may do so by applying colored contacts.

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