How to make your lips soft ?

How to make your lips soft. Welcome to, in this article I will doing a lip care routine on how I get my soft And full of lips and just a side note. I don’t do this every single day. I only do this one of my lips feels a little bit dry and needs a little bit CLC. This has really easy steps.

I hope you all enjoy and let’s get right into the post.  So the first step is to exfoliate exfoliating your lips. It is a really good way to get rid of dead skin cells and sugar scrubs. It is a great way to exfoliate your lips. Because of rough texture and the texture really helps to get rid of those dead skin cells. And dead skin cells are basically dry skin. Which causes the lips to look a dry and dull. So by getting rid of this you’re going to make your lips a little bit more plumper  more smoother.

So once you’ve started the sugar scrub below be lips. Then exfoliate in circular motions to make sure I cover every single part of the lips. Also make sure you doing it Softly don’t go in too hard. Because lips will end up bleeding and we don’t want that. Also need to make sure that exfoliate the inner side of the lips. This is where lipsticks tend to dry and to stick.

So once you exfoliate to this area you’ll notice that lip sticks will apply  more smoother and nicer. So once you do an exfoliating you just need to clean up using wipes. I just used often the simple wipes. You could use any kind of facial light. I’m wiping, am also scrubbing it really gently just to get extra exfoliation in there. Then you also need to clean up the inner part of the lips and make sure there is no speck of sugar left.

Step two is lip mask. Lip mask is an important if you want to soft and plump lips. Because it gives the lips a deeper moisture compared to adding a balm over it. Specifically if you just use a struggle scrub, you need that deep moisture. Also bring that life back into your lips. I also feel by doing this you’re going to be preventing dryness to create backup after your exfoliation. So I would like to pack on that lip mask on my lips.

I would like to soak my lips all up in that moisture. So you need to apply an even layer of a thickness of that lip mask. And this lip mask is amazing for that. Because I feel you can leave on overnight. Lave it on for 10 minutes. So after 10 minutes I just like to a wipe off the lip mask. And you can already see how plumped it looks. How much softer it looks compared to how it was before the dead skin cells are gone. Also it looks much more moisturized and softer.

So the last of my lip care routine is moisturizing treatment. Basically you can either use your normal lip balm for this or I personally really like to use lip oils. Lip oils just gives you the extra moisture and it lasts much longer. Also you can either use this before lipstick. You just wait for it to dry or you can use it by itself.

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