How to stop bleeding after tooth extraction ?


Hi I’m doctor max got food and you’re watching the logs answer. Today’s post we are going to discuss how do you manage bleeding after getting your tooth or teeth extracted.


Prevention is the key it’s always easier to prevent bleeding problem in the first place. Then to deal with it afterwards possibility of prolonged bleeding. And any questions regarding the bleeding should be addressed with your surgical dentist prior to the surgery. So what effects whether you are going to be bleeding after to the extraction.

First your own medical history

If you’re taking certain medications like prescribed blood thinners an example will be Xarelto coumadin plavix eliquids. You will be expected to bleed more than individual who’s not paying those. Did you know aspirin is a blood thinner. Depending on the situation your dentist may want to consult your medical doctor regarding adjusting or temporarily discontinuing certain medications that you are taking prior to that surgery.

If you have a history of bleeding disorders and certain deficiencies like liking enough vitamin K. You are expected to be more number to your current wife of science taking blood pressure. I believe this is an essential prior to any invasive dental surgery.

The higher your blood pressure the more likely you reading my general recommendation is to make sure you take your blood pressure medications. If you’re taking any and eat well-balanced meal prior to the dental procedure.


Number three how many TV you actually getting extracted. That needs to be extracted the more reading should be anticipated. Also the more difficult your teeth are to extract the more invasive your dentist has to be with an extraction. That could also lead to prolonged bleeding situation.

Number four how did the surgery conclude. Depending on the treatment plan your dentist may choose to do one or several
treatment modalities. Example of such modalities the makes bleeding blasts may include but not limited to bone grafting. Bone wax stitches collagen plugs use of tissue glues or electric cautery. As you can see there are multiple options available to your surgical dentists armamentarium of how to effectively manage bleeding. The good news for most of the folks out there who need a tooth or couple teeth extracted.

Don’t worry your bleeding can be easily controlled by simply applying pressure with gauze on the wound site for several hours. And the rest your body will do on its own. Just a wiggly any strenuous exercises that day. That helps too if you’re watching this and it’s been more than two to three hours cause dental surgery. And you’re still bleeding profusely you should bite on a moisten black tea bag for 30 minutes. While sitting still black tea contains tannic acid natural anticoagulant that helps you to form a clot by contracting your blood vessels.


Remember you are likely to taste blood for up to 24 hours after this surgery. That is normal in very rare instances if you tried everything biting into the gauze for several hours. Biting or black tea back while sitting still and you still cannot control your profuse bleeding contact your surgical dentist or emergency room immediately.

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