How to stop receding gums from getting worse

Hi I’m a periodontist in Southfield Michigan. I want to talk a little bit. Today about gum recession. I do a lot of gum recession correction, a lots of gum recession treatment. A lot of people would like to know what they can do to prevent or minimize gum recession.

So let’s talk about some of the things, first of all let’s talk about tooth brushing. I think manual toothbrush is better to use than an electric toothbrush. You can control it better and it tends not to traumatize the tissue as much as a electric toothbrush can.

Now when you are using a manual toothbrush do not hold it with your fist. Because that means you have probably going to be scrubbing. Hold this with the fingertips and just carefully and gently brush. And when you brush brush it down on the upper teeth and up on the lower teeth as opposed to going back and forth. This again can contribute to recession also you want to use a soft toothbrush.

It is a soft toothbrush they now have ultra soft toothbrushes like this. This is a bit more expensive but the bristles are extremely extremely soft. And I have used them myself and even though it doesn’t really feel like it. They do a very good job of cleaning. If one does use an electric toothbrush hold the electric toothbrush like this between your fingertips.

So you are not going to put a lot of pressure on with the electric brush. If you are using this one I think a manual brush is better. Because I think it can be controlled better other things. This can contribute to recession are smoking or vaping. Because vaping smoking you are exposing the tissue to nicotine.

What does nicotine do ?

It causes the constriction of the blood vessels that go to the gum tissue. And when that gum tissue doesn’t get an adequate blood supply it’s much more likely to recede. Because it’s not being nourished properly. So avoid vaping avoid smoking exposure to nicotine particularly if you’re concerned about gum recession.


Now once gum recession starts it tends to progress. You can do anythings to minimize its progression. But it does have a tendency to progress throughout time unless some action is taken to prevent it. And when we do something like that here where we build up the gum tissue thicken it and cover the roots to stop slow down the progress of that gum recession. Because when the gum recedes the bone receipts along with it. And it’s very important not to lose that gum so that you don’t lose that bone.


Well what else can you do to minimize gum recession ?

You still need to keep your teeth clean in between the teeth. This means flossing or interdental stimulators which I actually prefer to the flossing also.

Let’s talk about orthodontics or braces. Very often orthodontics are necessary. But most of the patients that I have seen that have recession have had braces or orthodontics. Sometimes in the past and that recession may occur a year five ten twenty years after the orthodontics is removed. But it just seems as though those that tissue is more predisposed to recession after orthodontic treatment. So at any rate if you’re careful you can avoid gum recession. Don’t traumatize your tissue, if you have gum recession take some of the measures.


I talked about to minimize for the progression of it or if it’s severe and continuing to progress give us a call. Because we use the pinhole treatment mainly to treat gum recession preventing bone loss. Preventing for the gum recession and covering the roots as much as possible. So keep your mouth healthy.

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