How to straighten hair without heat ?

How to straighten hair without heat. Hey everyone welcome to my website. In this post I’m gonna be showing you how to straighten your hair without using any heat. And this works for any kind of hair texture or curly wavy anything. It’s awesome and it’s completely damage free. So I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial.


Let’s get started so my hair is always really
frizzy. When I brush it you guys know the struggle when you have curly hair. It just never looks cute when you brush it. I’m gonna brush through it though to make sure that all of the tangles are out. Because we want to make sure that everything is really silky smooth before we start the process.

1. Step one is washing your hair.

Make sure that you wash and condition your hair. But don’t use any special masks or try anything too crazy. Because if you try to use anything that’s really hydrating your hair. This can turn out a little bit stringy and greasy looking. And that’s not really what we’re going for. So try to avoid that.

2. Step two even though we just brushed our hair.

I always get it at the shower with like a million knot. So I have to do it again. I’m gonna use my tangle teezer and smooth everything down. And then we’re gonna work on straightening the roots. It wasn’t so easy figuring out how to get straight hair without using heat. I mean it wasn’t the most simple thing but one of the things I figured out through my trials and tribulations.


3. Step 3 before I start actually straightening quote-unquote straightening the hair.

I’m going to straighten the roots by pulling my hair back into a really tight ponytail. And I mean like as tight as you can possibly get it. I’m gonna put my hair into a ponytail and make sure that everything remains as tight as I made it. And then I’m gonna take a fine-tooth comb.

I really like using combs like this. Because they have so many teeth that it really allows the hair to turn out really super straight. So I recommend getting one if you don’t have one already it’s really helpful.

So now I’m going to wait about an hour for the roots to dry this. Of course techsan a little bit of extra time to the entire ordeal. But it’s really important and if you have curly hair you know what it’s like to have curly roots. And then really straight ends it’s kind of annoying. So this eliminates that possibility.

I forgot to do it on post. But I did put my hair in a bun shortly after I stopped filming. Because you want to keep the ends of your hair wet.

We still haven’t molded them so you want to make sure that they’re still wet. But of course if they do dry you can just take a spray bottle and wet the rest of your head. Now you can see the roots are really dry and they’re actually really straight. Which is impressive and we don’t have to worry about those anymore.So I’m gonna take the rest of my hair and put it behind my head.

And now I’m gonna take sections about one-inch sections and start brushing them through this is how we’re gonna straighten the hair. I’m taking the section and wrapping it around as if it’s like a headband. You want to make sure that this is really tight and very very smooth. Because this is how your hair is going to end up. So if you don’t straighten the hair with the comb it’s not going to turn out straight.


I always like to use three or four bobby pins. Because it helps keep everything in especially because I sleep with this in overnight a lot of the time. So it you know it’s a lot easier to keep it in that way. And then I’m going to keep doing the same thing to the rest of my hair. I like to kind of pin it near the crown area.

Where I would wear a headband. That’s just my personal preference. But wherever you want to lay your hair flat that’s exactly. Where it’s gonna work as long as you’re laying it really tight and flat to your head It’s going to work.


So this is kind of just personal preference and when you try it a couple times you come up with your favorite kind of method. So here’s what it should look like when everything is wrapped up. I like to take a scarf and just secure everything.

So that I can sleep on it of course if you’re not sleeping on it you don’t have to do this. But I recommend it if you’re gonna be rolling around at night. And I also recommend keeping this in for at least five hours if you’re not gonna sleep on it.

Make sure that your hair is completely dry before you take it out. Once all of the hair on your head is dry make sure that you take out all of the bobby pins. And you can reveal your heatless straight hair. I love this so much and the first time I tried it. I wanted to tell you guys it wasn’t so easy it didn’t turn out perfect and it took a lot of trial and error.

So don’t get discouraged. If it doesn’t come out perfect all that might mean is that you have to tweak your method. It maybe use smaller strands more bobby pins and make sure you’re tightening the hair as best you can.

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