Long Term Sleep Apnea Effects

Long term sleep apnea effects and how one can get rid of them and possibly save your life. Sleep apnea is a term used to explain a situation the place an individual stops breathing, for seconds at a time, throughout sleep. Data available reveals that as much as 12 million Americans could also be affected by this condition. Sleep apnea must be handled like a critical health situation because when the situation is allowed to escalate, it will possibly find yourself threatening an individual’s life. Initially, the effects of this situation might not trigger any critical health risks. Nevertheless, there are particular long term sleep apnea effects that are worth noting.

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Analysis into sleep apnea has revealed the following situations that will final for quite a while if the apnea effects should not treated.

1: One of the vital common long term apnea side effects is arrhythmia.

2: One other long term impact is heart failure and stroke.

3: There’s additionally proof that this situation can result in decreased hormone production and development.

4: One of the vital harmful results is poor performance. Poor efficiency at work and impotence has been linked to sleep apnea effects.

5: Apnea has additionally been cited in instances of motor accidents and office accidents.

6: Hypertension and heartp illness are also long term effects.

7: When all of the above risks should not handled, death can occur.

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You may forestall your situation from reaching life-threatening levels by getting treatment. There are numerous treatment varieties available depending on the severity of your condition. One of the most well-liked therapy strategies is use of a CPAP machine. Nevertheless, analysis reveals that up to 50% of victims stop using CPAP – as a result of they merely can’t tolerate its use. The key in minimizing apnea effects might lie in change of life type. Change of life type – for example, quitting smoking and dieting – may additionally assist alleviate the issue.

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If the above strategies don’t work, you may try surgical procedure. There are a number of surgical procedure choices you may select from, with the most typical ones being nasal surgical procedure and throat surgical procedure. There are additionally various strategies of minimizing sleep apnea results, including use of natural methods like acupuncture.

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