Natural herbs for detoxing body | Think of detoxing as giving your body a spring clean.

JDetoxing reduce your waste and toxins from body to keep healthy. What detox program you follow ? What you eat and drinks ? By watching these can feel your benifits of detoxing in mind and body. Continue your detoxing program regularly to get a positive response. Make sure you have think that detoxing program is a part of your healthy lifestyle.

If you don’t followed any detoxification program before this and this is your first time, don’t worry this page answers all questions about detoxing.

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How often should I detox ?

It is a personal question. Answer of this question may be different for each person, its depends on your body. Metabolism and lifestyle of each person are not same. When you detoxed your body you feel re-energised. Again toxins build up and feel lessen after a detox. Again detox your body to feel re-energised.

When should I detox ?

Also it is a personal question. Answer of this question may be different for each person. The most probably answer when your body feel. If you feel the benifits of detoxing after a long time period then you should be detox. If you want to look and feel your best before a big event then also you should be detox. Make sure you have not suffering from illness during detox. If you are suffering from any medical problems then not do detox.

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Who should not detox ?

Who is suffering from any medical problems or any illness, pregnant or breastfeeding and children are not allowed for detoxification. You must consult with your GP, if you have not detoxed before it.

Will I be hungry when I am detoxing ?

Remember that detoxing and dieting are different from each other. Detoxing uses for removal of toxins and waste from body. Important thing about detoxing will be eat natural and fresh foods.

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What can I eat when I am detoxing ?

Drink sufficient water, Make sure that you must be drink 2 litres water per day. Try to eat and drink natural and fresh foods. Fresh or dried fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish, wholemeal bread, brown rice, olive walnuts are included in best detoxifying foods. Herbal and garlic tea, fruit juice are also included in detoxifying foods.

Any foods that should I avoid during detoxing ?

Try to avoid dairy products, processed foods, red meat, alcohol, tea, coffee, sweets and chocolates during detoxing. Also avoid smoking and smoky environment if you are a smooker.

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Will I experience side effects during detoxing routine. There are :

Mild headaches :- Mild headaches specifically feel during detoxing who are drink alcohol and caffeine regularly. Headaches feel when their mind work without chemical and stimulants. Headaches can feel 2 to 3 days after detox and feels upto 24 hours.

Some spot appeared on skin are common during detoxing. It is caused by drinking plenty of water. This sign is normal for cleansing of toxins from your body. A fury tongue or black tongue is the symbol of detoxing results.

Some people experienced high energy levels after detoxifying and their body adjust processed foods. Drink enough water to get all benifits of detoxing and feel relaxed.

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