Natural skin toner for black skin

Natural skin toner for black skin.
I get asked all the time so what exactly is skin of color and why is it different and does it really need different skincare. Well here’s the thing with skin of color, first of all you need to know whether or not you have skin or color which is basically.

If you’re more likely to tan rather than burn in the sun then you consider to have skin of color. Which means that your melanocytes the cells that produce the pigment melanin are larger and they are easier to trigger.

So that means if you have skin of color you’re more likely to pigment with one scratch, one bite and one burn. And i know a lot of you told me to go make the t-shirt and i listen. So here we go one scratch, one bite, one vent. And that’s on the back so i’ve treated over 40000 pigmentation cases. Full skin of color at my blog at the with a 95% success rate.

So you can follow me on instagram @fitnessjets this post is all about toners.  What are toners ? are they really necessary or are they a bit of a gimmick, which are the best toners for skin of color.

Which are the best ingredients ?

In our toners which ingredients do we need to avoid and at the end i will give you my favorite. Like my top three toners. Dependent on your skin type so make sure you hang around for that. But let’s dive right in, so toners basically have three main functions.

The first function is to Stay hydrated, after your cleansing. So that’s why you want to look for ceramides. In your toner you want humectants you want things that are going to hold water in that top layer of skin.natural skin toner for black skin.

You also want to add skin restoring ingredients, so things like antioxidants are also fantastic ingredients to look for your toner. And lastly you want to remove any excess dirt that’s also the third function of what a toner does.

So how do we use a toner ?

How do we put that into our  skincare routine ?so what you want to do ?

First you cleanse then you tone and then you exfoliate. After that you would apply any actives. But don’t forget with skin of color when you’ve exfoliated. Then apply vitamin a or any other irritants no other acids that are going to exfoliate the skin.

Further we don’t want to double exfoliate the skin color.  So what you would do ? you don’t need to tone every day. For example i would specifically do it on the days that you are going to exfoliate.  So it’s basically cleanse tone, so that’s hydrate the skin. It’s a liquid moisturizer and then exfoliate that way you’re getting a very gentle non-inflammatory process taking place. Which is very important for skin of color.  So how do you choose the best toner for you well.

First of all you have to look at your own skin what are you trying to achieve ?

If you’ve got for example dry dehydrated aging skin then you need to hydrate the skin.  You want to put in skin restoring ingredients like ceramides for example and peptides etc. However you have oily skin and you need to control sebum then you would need ingredients like niacinamide in there.natural skin toner for black skin.

So it really does depend and non-comodogenic ingredients. As well if you’re look if you’ve got oily skin so you need to look your own skin and see what’s missing. And that’s what you want to add with your toner. Okay so the classic mistakes made when it comes to toners are ingredients. Such as menthol, witch, hazel, denatured and alcohol.

I think it’s a very old-fashioned thing to do, which was to strip the skin of oils. However an inflammatory cascade is taking place. You have a free radical bonanza in your skin and it’s not good it is a bad party. It leads to premature aging over a long period of time. Now i know a lot of people are dming me saying um but over a short period of time is it fine ?natural skin toner for black skin.

What’s happened is when clinical studies take place they take place over a period of weeks. Maximum a few months they don’t take place over decades and the problem is with free radicals. They damage the collagen in our dermis and this is happens over a long period of time. You see the results of this 10 years.

Later it doesn’t happen straight away and so actually you just need to be sensible. I think it’s important to look at the science. It’s important to see what’s actually happening at a cellular level and then extrapolate what’s going to happen.

Over a longer period of time you should only be putting things on the skin that are going to improve your skin everything else. I would just delete from the skincare routine and that’s why i’m not a fan of alcohol.

Witch hazel is actually distilled in alcohol and so it has alcohol in it. So um yeah i talk a lot about witch hazel as well. So avoid menthol is a very sensitizing ingredient.  Also avoid any essential oils, essential oils really have no place in skincare. natural skin toner for black skin.

I fully understand that you know, you want to have the nice smells and things. And i would say,  you know have incense and have you know diffusers. I’d rather you have that i love diffusers, but i would never put it on my skin because it’s just unnecessary and it’s actually just a marketing. Marketing tactic is a way to sell product to you.

So what are the good ingredients then so the good ingredients are hydration things like glycerin ceramides hyaluronic acid. Fantastic i love anti-inflammatory ingredients and skin soothers. So things like panthenol, bizabalol and aloe, these are all fantastic in your toners. Especially if you’ve got red irritated skin.

The antioxidants i love for us are green tea, extract and resveratrol.  Don’t forget antioxidants you want to have in combination. Because they are unstable on their own. So always bear that in mind there’s no point purchasing something that just has one antioxidant in it.

Because it’s unlikely to be that effective. And if you have oily skin, the one ingredient you need in your routine. Natural skin toner for black skin.

  Niacinamide is basically good for all of us. Anyone with skin color that is an ingredient that we want for our skin. It is our friend, okay so i did a lot of research for you to find you the top three. And i know you always ask me. You know for the top you know.

Three in different categories but i think it’s very important for me to first assess every single brand. At least before i can then come back to you and say right. These are the best ones, so i think i’m about halfway through your list. Now actually i think i’m doing quite a good job of getting through a list.

I think i have maybe 30 to 40 more brands. So those are very good idea about the best products and the worst products. Right now about halfway through the list. So i’m going to just tell you my top three toners based on the information. I have right now but who knows in six months time. I may have more information for you once i’ve completed the list. And i may have more for you.

So right now my top three is-  if you’ve got pores or oily skin my favorite one is paula’s choice balancing toner.If you’ve got dry aging skin then i love hada labo, For anti-aging just generally i think they’re very good for that um if you love portland’s choice. On the list so you know i did my best I can actually make you whole routines from paula’s choice.

Just because there are so many products and i love so many of them. So like i’ve done the ordinary i’ve done a whole series for you on the ordinary. Where i’ve literally done layering for pigmentation layering, for aging layering, for acne. Natural skin toner for black skin.

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