Numbing cream for laser hair removal

Numbing cream for laser hair removal.
Honest review about laser hair removal coming at you in five four three two one. What is up guys and welcome to my Blog So in this e i’m coming at you with some hard truths that i wish i would have known before actually going to get laser hair removal. But before i get started in telling you guys the truth and just my honest review about it.

I want to give you guys a little background about myself. Okay so i am latina which comes with a lot of great things not including hair everywhere. Okay us latinas are blessed with a lot of hair and not only do we have a lot of hair everywhere. We have a lot of dark thick hair. Unfortunately shout out to my dad i appreciate you you are the reason why i have long hair.

So thank you i’m so so curious whether or not you’re a latina or you’re white or black. Or whatever ethnicity that you’re beautiful, you’re a queen. Okay let me just tell you that right now and you are worthy and god loves you. But whatever ethnicity. Whoever might be watching like that has done laser hair removal.Numbing cream for laser hair removal.

Tell me a little bit about like your background, your hair what  is your experience with it. Like how many sessions have you done. Do you believe it’s worth it do you not believe is worth it. I know everyone has different stories and different opinions. I want to know whether or not like am i on the right track. Is this normal like please comment down below and let me know if you’ve gotten laser hair removal. And how many sessions it took you for you to be 100 hair free. Like i said everyone’s different and everyone has different experiences.

But i’m just super duper  curious so let me know. Now for those of you who don’t already know i write a post in regards to me going to get my laser hair removal treatment for the first time. If you guys haven’t checked that out check the link up here.

So you guys can check it out if you guys are interested in how my first session went. But what i will say is that something that people don’t tell you. That is when you go into your first session. Of course they people that are there doing it for you. They want you to feel comfortable and they want you to come back obviously. So the first session is always like it’s the best. But that’s because the intensity of it is like zero to none. Numbing cream for laser hair removal.

Because i didn’t even feel a thing the reason why it’s so easy and like it doesn’t hurt or anything. Like that is because i obviously want you to come back like oh it’s not that bad. Let me go again and then they bump up the intensity. And then they bump up the intensity on the third session. And then the fourth session is worse and the fifth session is even worse.

But what they don’t tell you is that the first couple sessions is honestly a waste of time and money. Because you don’t really see much progress with those couple sessions versus like your last session. Which is the high intensity one i’ve talked to a lot of other people. That have done laser hair move. Numbing cream for laser hair removal.

And a lot of them told me that once you first go in like you tell them crank up that intensity. And i wish i would have known that going in to it. Because i feel like i would have already been done with my sessions. So what i always tell everyone and what i wish. People would have told me when i first is on your first session no questions asked. Tell them to bump up the intensity to the highest intensity that they have. Because the higher the intensity the more progress you’re going to see and the better results.

You are going to get overall with my thick freaking hair. I feel like i would have already been done at six sessions. Because i kind of wasted like the first couple sessions because the intensity was so low. I have to keep going unfortunately which is fine. But this is why i wanted to write this Post.

So you guys know so if you want to not only save money time. Just do yourself a favor and tell them to bump up the intensity. And i believe you should definitely ask your lady If they have numbing cream. Because if they do your life has been saved. Because numbing cream does the trick.

Some salons do it, some may not provide it but if they don’t provide it feel free to just go on amazon and purchase some numbing cream. It literally does wonders i’ll go ahead and link the one that i currently use. That is absolutely amazing that you guys should use before going into your appointment.

Because let me tell you once the intensity level is super duper high. I want to say like my fourth or fifth session was when it was like it hurt and it was very uncomfortable. The feeling if you don’t know it’s kind of like a rubber band just like they’re flicking a rubber band at you a lot. It’s uncomfortable like it’s bearable like you can handle and you can do it but it’s just really uncomfortable. But it doesn’t last that long.Numbing cream for laser hair removal.

Literally my sessions are like five minutes long. And all i do is the brazilian area that’s the only part that i am currently doing. I’ve been doing myself at home laser hair removal on my armpits. And i’m going to be doing my legs as well here soon but if you got the money girl go do it. Because you got the money and if you don’t want to spend time doing it yourself at home. That is totally okay like there’s nothing wrong with you doing it at home versus you doing it at a salon as long as you’re getting it done. It really doesn’t matter it’s honestly just your preference so whatever you prefer by all means do it.

You are a queen and you deserve to do whatever makes you happy. So do whatever makes you happy and i actually have a article in regards to me doing it at home. And the machine that i use and whether or not i like it. I write a whole post in regards to that if you guys are interested in that and we’ll see how that’s going click the link up here. And i’ll link it down below for you guys as well so you guys can check that out if you are interested.

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