Rainbow light men’s one multivitamin

Rainbow light men’s one multivitamin. Hello everyone today we are reviewing sleep stones. All right rainbow light means one i thought it had like said vitamin on there. But these are men’s one a day basically vitamins here.


This is the vegetarian it says this is the tablet one they have capsules too. The capsules are cheaper but they don’t provide basically the same count and taste. And well you know these tablets here are surrounded by this is.

They’re usually a better color than this but i keep supplies of them. They usually really really green excuse me. This is is usually the same color as this top here. But i keep tons of supplies in them and the color will fade. But that’s like greens surrounded by all the vitamins there.

I’m not saying they taste good but these are better than the capsules. But the capsules are vegetarian capsules. That’s one thing you need to worry about when you’re taking capsulated peels a lot of them are pork. And some of them are beef but the majority of them are pork. The majority of your capsules that you’re taking are pork remember that.Rainbow light men’s one multivitamin.

So if you’re a vegetarian and you’re taking capsules if it doesn’t say vegetarian or vegan or whatever or them they are pig. So yeah they’re surrounding your vitamins with pork which makes no damn sense. But these are it before the pandemic happened these were at the most 35 dollars. They’re 40 something dollars now because everyone’s going up to buy them. I still have maybe a six month supply of them maybe more. But we have been getting these for a long long time now years.


This is a family bottle here family buying great size value even at 40 dollars. Where you get 150 capsules is not bad it’s almost a six month supply there. So you can’t really beat that considering that this is the back of it. You’re gonna have to watch the pretty birdie soon. Because i don’t know it’s still too small. As you can see food all on it kids, they eat and shake it at the same time too. It’s funny but that’s what they do because these are at the dinner table in my chair.


And when they’re eating or they’re getting older now. But yeah when they used to eat stuff like that they still do it here. And they’ll be eating and i’ll grab it and i’ll shake it to eat. And make noise and other people family members kids come over they seem to do the same thing. It seems to be a family tradition but yes it has vitamin a, c, d, e, k, calcium, iodine, magnesium, zinc, geranium, copper and magnesium.Rainbow light men’s one multivitamin.


You know organic rainbow variety food blend that’s all the broccoli, the kale and everything else there. But i thought it had some probiotics and also it has you look at it the pretty birds. It also has men’s vital t blend green tea. But i thought it oh it does have what happened hold on beauty stop. Okay all right sorry it does have small portions of probiotics here for your digestive support.

Like it has ginger root juice and some of the strains. It’s just like maybe one i only see one strain of bacteria here bacalysis. Bacalysis is the uh strain that they have that’s the one that they said supposed to really help people with digestive issues that’s why they have that for a digestive tract there. But this is it i don’t think it has any iron in it.


I know they used to have one with iron i don’t think they sell that one anymore. I’m not sure but of course it gets purchased from amazon. And you can see it’s not gonna say it’s 150 p.o. So it’s almost six months worth of peels and uh of course you’re gonna last probably more than six months. It depends on how often you take them. If you take them every day which i once did. Now i don’t take them every day. I’ll take them like five times a week.


So of course i’m gonna have some extras left over and it’s gonna last me for more than six months. But when you see them on sale i suggest that you buy them these are five stars. Especially now you need vitamins but you’re gonna have to buy probiotics on your own. I mean because this only has one strain that’s not enough. Rainbow light men’s one multivitamin.

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