weight loss for busy moms

How to lose weight for busy moms. In this article I will discuss about weight loss plan for busy moms. If you feel like you’re balancing so much in life your kids, your family, your work, your responsibilities.

And you want to lose weight but you feel like you just don’t have the time. You’ve tried diets before that you fell off track with. And you may not be feeling really motivated. Because you’re in this whole yo-yo dieting discouraging loop.

Trust me, we get it we’re the health and fitness experts for busy moms. We’ve helped amazing women like you. Read this article, finally get the weight off and keep it off long term. And what I want to do in today’s post is actually give you five simple strategies that we use in our fit mother program.


And when I give them to you this week so you can start implementing this stuff into your routine. So not only can you see results this week but you’re on a simple plan that you can actually sustain. So you keep the weight off and help your family live healthier too.

So that’s we’re gonna get into today so get out your pen and paper take some notes. And let’s dive on in all right. So to give them today’s topic on how to lose weight for busy moms. You’ve probably heard the idea that nutrition is the foundation of weight loss.

And it’s absolutely true healthy eating is far more important than making the time to go into the gym and exercise. In fact what the research shows is you can lose a ton of weight 50 to 100 plus pounds.

However much you weight you have to lose if you just do some daily walking. And you must get on a proper nutrition plan. What I mean a proper nutrition plan is one that has the right portions and calories for you in your body. And also has healthy foods that are gonna keep you full and energized.

And I want you to start think about your nutrition in terms of decision points. Because you’re busy and you know that every time you have to make a meal.

You got to think about what to eat, what to do this. If you have three meals per day, seven meals are seven days in the week that’s 21 decision points. You have to make the rule to yourself and your family.

This could be a lot of time and energy investments so what if we hold flip that whole game on its head. And we made those decisions ahead of time. What I’m specifically talking about is doing a simple meal preparation ritual over the weekend.


So you’ve paved the path for healthy weight and eating throughout the week. And before we get to the meal prep ritual I want to give you a concept on what your meals should generally look like. This is what we call here at the fit mother Project a perfect plate. If your meals look like this half of your plate is some kind of veggie.

You love a quarter of your plate is some kind of protein you love. And a quarter of your plate is some kind of healthy carb or healthy fat. If you want to go lower carb or keto both are fine.

If your meals generally look like this they’re gonna be around 500 calories. You have three of those a day with a snack you’re gonna be at a good calorie target to start losing weight.

So that’s what a perfect plate is so now let’s make sure that you buy and prep those items that make up that perfect plate. On Saturday a Sunday and they’re in your fridge and then you can pull and make meals through those foods throughout the week.


So what I want you to do is go to the grocery store oval weekend or on Friday. Whenever you have the time and I want you to buy foods in four categories. The first one is veggies. What are the veggies that you and your family love could be salad mix.

It could be broccoli, it could be Brussels sprouts asparagus ideally green. Because it gives you all the fiber or the vitamins, the minerals and they’re really amazing superfood.

So get those green veggies, any kind of veggie that you and your family love is fine. I want you to buy one or two of those foods. And I want you to cook them in bulk. So that might be putting the broccoli in the steamer getting the asparagus on the grill putting. You know the Brussels sprouts in the oven with a little bit of olive oil or coconut oil or something like that.


This prep can be simple but imagine this. If you had those vegetables prepared ahead of time throughout the week. You could pull those vegetables and start to add them into simple meals. It saves you a ton of time moving forward in the week. I also want you to buy some healthy proteins in bulk. So this could be something like chicken, fish, grass-fed, steak.


If you’re more vegetarian and plant-based they could be tofu or tempeh. It could be you know some beans and legumes and lentils. If you want to make more stew based kind of stuff point.

I want you to decide what are the healthy proteins that you and your family love. I want you to buy those in bulk and prep those in bulk. And again the main idea here is that if we make the decisions ahead of time we prep the food how much easier.

It would be for you if you’ve had let’s just say some broccoli and a chicken breast and a sweet potato already in the fridge. And all you had to do when it comes to pack meal for work or prepare dinner is pull. Reheat you save a lot of time and you don’t have to actually think about what you’re gonna eat. Cuz you made the decision ahead of time. So those are the healthy proteins I want you to figure out what those are for you it’s important .

These are the foods that your family loves and I also want you to find some healthy carbs and some healthy fats. When it comes to healthy carbs it could be something like a brown rice or a sweet potato. It could be fruits that your family loves. It could be a zekiel bread you can make sandwiches with some high-quality sprouted bread.

Or for example if it comes to healthy fats you could have some nuts and some seeds, some avocado. Just buy your healthy foods in each of these categories. Have them in the house prep them in bulk. When it comes to mealtime you’re basically combining these things into perfect plates. Then you can go as far with this prep. As you want you can go as far as actually section.

These things out into meal containers for the week. So when it comes to Tuesday and it’s time for you to have a healthy lunch. It’s already pre-prepared. You have a salad mix in there with some chicken or salmon. On there a little bit of avocado some healthy olive oil dressing boom.

You’re out the door you’re ready to go. You have a good perfect plate style meal. You know you could do it that way. Or you could just generally have these things in the fridge. Ready to pull ready to heat up and this is something that will serve you and your family.

So that is the first tip the perfect plates plus meal prep. It is what makes nutrition simple and sustainable. I cannot stress this enough preparation. It is key now we’ve talked about nutrition in that simple habit. Also I want to let you know that we have a full bit mother meal plan linked below.

We have a fit mom jump start. I’m that I guess she gives you our full fit mom meal plan our workouts in 24 minute. Metabolism boosting workouts so all that’s linked below we’ll send that to your email.

If you want that as well so tip number two is to get your daily activity in a lot of women beat themselves up. Because they don’t have a lot of time and they feel like they get stressed out. Because they don’t have time to work out. I don’t want you to think about working out when it comes to losing weight.

What I want you to think about is moving your body. Because that’s what’s really required when it comes to losing weight. Healthy eating plus daily movement so two targets specifically I want you to try to shoot for each day.


One you either get 5,000 steps in. So let’s say you don’t have time to formally workout. But what you can do is take a walk on your lunch break. Park the car farther away from the store that you’re going in to take the stairs at work instead of you know the escalator.


Or whatever it ends up being just move your body get those steps in take a walk with your dog. In the morning walk with your kids. After dinner whatever it takes to get those steps in that’s enough to get you to lose weight.

In fact we have clients that the fit follow-up project in the from other party. They literally lost 100 pounds without stepping foot in a gym or on a treadmill. They just walk and they eat healthy foods and they sleep and they hydrate well. We’re like we’re gonna talk about in just a second. So daily do not underestimate it in 5000 steps.

It’s just a good general target. And it just means you’re gonna be moving every single day. So what if you work at a desk every hour get up take a five minute walk you know work for 50 minutes. Or so take a five minute walk and then get back into work and work for another hour.

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